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Artists -  Main St. Exhibiting Space Registration
For current pricing, please click here.

In order for Exhibitors (Artists) to be judged for awards, your work must represent one of the following categories:


  1. Painting (Oil, Water Color, Acrylic, or Pastel)

  2. Mixed Media or Graphics

  3. Wood Carvings, Sculptures, Statues

  4. Photography  

The Gallery provides each Exhibitor with a 10 x 10 space for you to set up with your own tables, shelves, chairs, canopy, etc. Artists may select 3 of their original works that have not been previously submitted to the Gallery of the Arts Judges, for judging.


If there are multiple artists exhibiting in a space, only 3 works may be submitted for judging and the artists names and contact information must be included on the registration.  

In an effort to promote our artists and crafters before the event, we are asking for you to submit images of your work to be shared on social media & on our website; this is optional, but recommended. All images will have your name and a link to your website or social media pages (if applicable). Please provide us with as much information as possible, and feel free to email us with questions at


For more information on awards, please see our "AWARDS" page.







Wearable Goods

Soaps & Candles

Handmade Wares

Student Artists

Artist & Crafters between the ages of 14-22.

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