We are working in unprecedented times - a phrase that has been bounced around in many ways in an attempt to encapsulate the gravity of what a Global Pandemic means on a day-to-day level. As your neighbors, friends, coworkers and family members, we have all been navigating 2020 braced for continual uncertainty, while protecting ourselves and working with the most current information we have at hand to make decisions and stay safe. While we do not know what the future holds, the Pennridge Gallery of the Arts Committee has been meeting regularly and working with the Sellersville Borough to adapt, pivot and proceed (with caution) towards our September event. 
At this time, we are planning to proceed with our event as long as the State of Pennsylvania and Bucks County is "phased out" (i.e., not in green/yellow/red phases), as this is the only "phase" in which we would be able to accommodate crowds of our size per the PRPS Reopening Guidelines. We will follow state guidelines to ensure the safety of our community, our participants and ourselves, as well as implement additional sanitation guidelines as we proceed with caution. That being said, our festival will certainly look a little different this year, even if we proceed. 
In attempt at transparency, here is the preliminary outline of our plan, assuming we will be in "Phased Out" and hosting our festival (this plan will be updated regularly to ensure we are following all guidelines and planning accordingly): 
  • As of June 17th, registration has been closed. In order to ensure that we will be able to properly space our vendors with the designated 6 feet spacing between booths, we regretfully are limiting the number of artists and crafters in order to accommodate those who have registered while following the State's safety guidelines. This means that our festival will be substantially smaller in terms of artists and crafters for 2020, but we feel that we rather plan to have a festival safely than cancel it outright at this time. *We are currently in Yellow Phase upon this announcement; we will consider reopening registration if "Phased Out" comes sooner and we are able to accommodate more vendors.
  • Art Walk 2020 and the Art in the Parlours Exhibition are now CANCELLED as we are avoiding gathering inside when possible. If you have registered and paid for this event, we will be refunding your payment.
  • Artists and crafters will be supplied with Gallery of the Arts Signage to encourage safe social distancing; attendees are encouraged to not touch anything within the booths unless they are intending to purchase said items. Artists and crafters will be encouraged to bring sanitizing and disinfecting supplies to wipe down frequently touched surfaces within their booths.
  • The street will be set up with one-way signage to encourage social distancing and limit interactions.
  • We will still have live music, performances and food trucks! We will not provide tables and chairs in the food court area; food will be designed to be mobile and eaten on the go. Social distancing signage and lines, as well as hand washing stations will be monitored to ensure guidelines are being met. 
  • Masks will be required for all who attend based on CDC and State Guidelines, and it is encouraged that you carry small travel-sized hand sanitizer at all times. 
Most importantly: if you do not feel well, do not come. If you are an attendee, please stay home -- we'll be back in 2021 and you can see us then! If you are an artist or crafter, we will refund your booth fee or move it to 2021 (see below). We as a committee will do our best to keep you safe, but it is up to you to be socially responsible if you do not feel well. 
Attention Artists and Crafters: Please note the following information specific to your registration.
  • We will make final call for this event by September 1 in attempt to be making decisions with the most recent information available to us. If we find that we must cancel the event, we will be refunding your registration fee OR you can choose to move your fee to the 2021 Gallery of the Arts (to be held on September 19, 2021). 
  • If you have registered for this event and it is cancelled, we will continue to post your artwork on our pages (Facebook & Instagram) to continue to share your talents with our virtual community! Because of you, the last three years have been spent with our pages being filled with artwork, and we will continue to stand by supporting our artists and crafters through these posts regardless of if there is a physical festival in 2020. 
From the bottom of our hearts, the Gallery of the Arts Committee and the Sellersville Borough wish nothing more for us to have the "normal" festival that has been hosted for 52 years in our community, but will only be doing so if we're able to execute it safely and soundly. We wish that you and your loved ones remain safe and act responsibly in protecting your health and the health of those around you. We hope to see you in September!
If you have further questions or suggestions, please reach out to Kylie Adams at
Stay healthy, 
The Pennridge Gallery of the Arts Committee
*Updated on July 2, 2020

Stay safe, stay healthy, and remember to please support our local artists and businesses at this time.


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